In vitro Research

We provide services- Cytotoxicity assay, efficacy study, glucose uptake assay, Transwell migration assay etc. Our expertise cover many aspects of in vitro research which include Mammalian cell lines, Bacterial culture and Hematopoietic primary cell system.

In vitro Services

MTT Assay (Cytotoxicity assay)

 In vitro XTT and Neutral Red Uptake

 In vitro Anticancer Test

 Colony Formation, Cell proliferation assay

 Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test (AMES Test)

 In vitro Chromosome Aberration test

 In vitro / In vivo Micronucleus test

 Antioxidant assay and Scavenging assay

 DPPH free radical scavenging activity assay

 In vitro -Nitric oxide scavenging activity assay

 In vitro -Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity assay

Note: Cytotoxicity assay and other invitro assays for graduate, post graduate and PhD students. Students can also learn Cytotoxicity assay at our lab or by the online training.