Mammalian Cell culture Techniques

Examination of the Mammalian Cell lines


After receiving the flask from the source or during experiment, Cell lines should be checked for the morphology under the microscope. Because of mishandling of the flaks or contamination morphology of the cells may get disturbed and it is very important to see the structure of the cell lines. Cell morphology plays an important role in cytotoxicity. A primary level of examination of the cell culture for fungal contamination, turbidity and particles in the medium as well as unexpected pH shifts, indicated by color change of the medium, can be done at the macroscopic level or by eye.


  1. Wipe the surface of the T flask and Inverted microscope with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Check the flask under the microscope for contamination, morphology and particles.
  3. If the color of media has been changed, immediately change the medium.
  4. For morphology, always refer the primary structure of the cell lines. 
  5. If morphology has changed because of cytotoxicity or test item, record and take pictures.
  6. If morphology has been changed due to contamination, record and take necessary actions.

If contamination persists then autoclave and discard the flask.