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ACME Research Solutions offers services for M. Pharm, PhD students and pharmaceutical industries for formulation & development, in vitro and statistical analysis. ACME Research solutions has a long history of providing services for the Formulation & Development. We have a team of experienced scientists who can provide you with the best possible support for your research needs. Our services include but are not limited to: formulation development, analytical method development, process optimization, and stability testing.

Affordable Cost

ACME Research Solutions is a company with a goal to provide its services at affordable cost with the same standard of quality.

Receive on time

ACME Research Solutions will provide you with the best in class research services to ensure that your project is completed on time.

Fast work turnaround

We offer solutions tailored to your individual needs, we can help you solve problems quickly and affordably.

ACME Research Solutions assists PhD students and graduate students in developing their research proposal.

We provide research services to Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology Companies and Universities.

Experienced scientists who can provide you with the best possible support for your research needs

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch services. We go beyond to make sure that our clients are satisfied.


We undertake an in-depth literature review and analysis of the current state-of-the-art to identify gaps that need to be addressed.


We develop creative solutions that are based on a deep understanding of the problem.


We work with you to implement the solution and transfer the knowledge so that you can continue to work on the problem.


Formulation & Development

Formulation & Development

We provide services for the formulation of Novel drug delivery system ( Liposomes, Nanoparticles, Microspheres, and Niosomes), other (Emulgel, Gel, Emulsion, Cream, Table, and Capsule)

In Vitro

We Provide services for the analysis of Test Items including (Cytotoxicity assay, Cell Viability assay, AMES Test, In vitro Chromosomal aberration, in vitro micronucleus Assay, Flowcytometry, Tunnel assay and other)

Formulation & Development
Formulation & Development

Other Services

ACME Research Solutions offer services for Phytochemical analysis, quantification of phytochemicals, Formulation for Patent, Writing Assistance

Formulation and Development


“Great approach towards the Ethics of the research”

Dr. Vikas Kaushik,
Professor, Domain of Bioinformatics,
Lovely Professional University

“Qualitative and scientific approach, I apricate the time and efforts put towards the research”

Dr. Yogeshkumar Murkunde,
Test Facility Management, Venus Remedies Limited

“The Team efforts makes it best among others”

Dr. Neha Kaushik, Associate Professor, Lovely Professional University

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